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What is your initial call to action when a water damage has affected your lovely home?

The answer to this question will help you tremendously in salvaging your furniture, your carpet, and your home in general.

While there are things we can do on our own, there are just some stuff we need help with, such as an unexpected water invasion.

Things you can do:

  1. Use buckets to catch any water that is dripping onto your carpet from a roof leak
  2. Place towels on top of the carpet to soak up the water. This is suitable as a temporary measure (up to 48 hours) until you can have the carpet dried out properly
  3. Move furniture away from wet carpet areas. Furniture on wet carpet can stain the carpet and cause damage to the furniture. Also, a  professional water damage restorer will often need to have the area cleared of furniture to make drying possible.
  4. Call an expert to dry the carpet

Things you can’t do:

  1. Wait for the carpet to dry by itself. It it almost guaranteed to go mouldy and become a health hazard long before it ever dries.
  2. Rub the carpet with towels to dry it. This can easily cause damage to our carpet fibres
  3. Clean your carpet instead of drying it. It is common for people to ask us to clean their carpet when it gets wet, but what it really needs is to be dried or replaced, depending on the length of time it has been wet and if there is any permanent damage.

Posted on 27/6/2018 by:  Adrian McGregor