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If you’re not sure if you need to have your carpets cleaned yet, then have a think about how long it’s been since they were last cleaned. A year? Two years?

Are you not sure because they haven’t been cleaned since you moved in? If that sound’s like you then your carpet cleaning is overdue. It can be causing health issues for your family, hurting your hip pocket or making your home look uninviting.

Protect Your Family’s Health

If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, emphysema, or other breathing problems then one major cause of the problem may be the dust, pollens and pet dander in your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning can take those harmful irritants out of the carpet, allowing you to breath easier and forget about those allergy symptoms. Harmful chemicals from the outside air, such as pesticides, car exhaust and cigarette smoke can all end up in your carpet, as well as everything you drag in on your shoes, all of which can be cleaned out with a normal carpet steam-cleaning process.

Protect Your Investment

If you’re a homeowner and you’ve ever had to buy new carpet then you know it’s not cheap – depending on the carpet you choose, you could be paying anywhere from $25 to $400 per square metre, not to mention the underlay and the installation of it all. For most homes this will be many thousands of dollars, even for a cheap synthetic carpet. A dirty carpet wears out much faster than a clean one, this is because the dirt and sand in your carpet wears away your carpet fibres every time you walk on it. Remove the dirt regularly and your carpet will thank you for it for many years to come.

Maintain A Clean Home

If you enjoy entertaining and have the friends and rellies over your place regularly then you’ve probably got quite good at either maintaining a clean home or hiding the mess when they all come over. Is your carpet letting you down when it comes to making your home look presentable? It’s one of the few things in your home that you can’t really clean yourself, so don’t let it stand out. If you’re a mess-hider then you’ll know that you can’t just stuff the carpet into the cupboard along with those dirty clothes and the kids’ toys. ‘Cover it with a rug’ you say? Well yes, you can cover it with a rug in those high traffic areas, until of course the rug itself needs cleaning too.

If your carpet has been trampled on, had food and drinks spilt on it and had your pets’ territory marked on it then do the right thing by your family, your guests and you wallet by having your carpets cleaned today.


Posted on 23/2/11 by:  Adrian McGregor